At Might & Main, everything we do gets everything we've got

Our name speaks to our beliefs

"With might and main" is an Old English phrase meaning "with all of the strength, energy, and force at one's command.

Might & Main was founded on principles of collaboration, hard work, and rigorous attention to detail. And so, with great passion, we kern, we smooth, we critique and refine. We destroy our printers making endless prototypes, and we ruin our eyes squinting at monitors two inches away. We believe no detail is too small to be overlooked and that each element must be true and purposeful on its own while contributing to the impact of a greater whole. We find an honesty in genuine materials and beauty in the details. 

Our niche? We don't have one.

Might & Main has created memorable and iconic brands for local and national businesses across a wide range of industries.

Our process is always client and end-user focused; we begin every project with a focus on research and strategy, digging deeply into what makes each of our clients tick—and what will differentiate them from others in the arena. Our ability to delve into a field and immerse ourselves in its language allows us a unique perspective from which to create unique, appropriate, brand-conscious design.


Might & Main clients trust and want to participate in the creative process. They have a good sense of what they are trying to accomplish and are willing to take some risks to get there.

We work with clients who are passionate about their work, their products and their brands. We seek out clients who value beauty and want to to connect with their audience on an emotional level. We value clients who believe that investing in a strong brand will help them build a better future.

If this sounds like you, get in touch and let's make it happen.


Press & Awards


Wearable Design Awards 2015
The 1820 Collection

Regional Design Annual 2015: East
Glitterati Poster
Central Provisions Brand Identity

Regional Design Annual 2014: East
Hugo's Brand Identity


Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 2016: Merit
Woodford F&B

Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 2015: Merit
Watershed Floral
The 1820 Collection

Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 2013: Best of Show
Eventide Oyster Co.

Behind the Design
HOW's Sept. 2013 Cover 
Art & Artifacts: Winslow Homer  



We're a small company and we like it that way. Each member of our core team is personally invested in every project, and we frequently partner with a bevy of skilled, passionate makers and doers to extend our capabilities from screen to real life, from conceptual to actual, from strategy to reality.


Might & Main is helmed by founding principals Sean Wilkinson & Arielle Walrath:

 Sean Wilkinson   Principal / Creative Director

Sean Wilkinson

Principal / Creative Director

Sean believes in the power of typography and form, of language and craft, to shape brands into the true personalities they are. Every object has a voice, and a soul, and our mission as designers is to find that voice and make it tangible. To create something that exists in the world that we can understand, want in our lives, and build a relationship with. Sean is usually seeking to make sense of life through design. 

 Arielle Walrath   Principal / Creative Director

Arielle Walrath

Principal / Creative Director

Arielle believes that beauty can be achieved through structure and that design is the process of defining structure: everything in its place and everything as part of a whole. Our purpose as designers is to create systems which are beautiful, but which are also orderly, logical and efficient. At Might & Main, and as the Co-President of AIGA Maine, Arielle seeks to bring meaning and context to the artifacts we produce by asking "why?" and "how?" on a daily basis.

 Kate Michaud   Studio Coordinator

Kate Michaud

Studio Coordinator

 Morgan Dipietro   Art Director

Morgan Dipietro

Art Director

 Sarah McLean   Senior Designer

Sarah McLean

Senior Designer

 Sofija Razgaitis   Graphic Designer

Sofija Razgaitis

Graphic Designer

 Miekala Cangelosi   Graphic Designer

Miekala Cangelosi

Graphic Designer

 Sabrina Volante   Graphic Designer

Sabrina Volante

Graphic Designer



Might & Main is not currently hiring, but we're always happy to review portfolios, time permitting.