The Resurgam Necklace

The Resurgam Necklace


In collaboration with Cat Bates

Inspired by the Forest City’s strength and resiliency through three great fires, the Resurgam necklace incorporates a 3-piece sand cast brass and charred ash centerpiece on a nylon cord, finished with a sister-clip clasp.

The brass is cast from a hand carved master and finished using a combination of machining and hand work. The marine grade machine braided nylon cord is pigmented and waxed—it will fade to a pale grey color over time. The two halves of the brass sister clasp pass through each other when the slots are aligned in parallel.

  • brass, wood, and nylon

  • 22” cord including clasps

  • centerpiece with a 1.25” drop

  • packaged in a reusable fabric pouch

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About Cat Bates

Westbrook-based metalsmith and jewelry maker Cat Bates spent his early life on Mohegan Island off of the coast of Maine. His process merges handcraft and technology—from sand casting to sailor knotting, 3D modeling to forging. His work is inspired by the Maine islands’ nautical history and rugged landscape, as well as the beauty found in sturdy utilitarian objects which through use, become more beautiful still.

About the Resurgam collection

One of our favorite things about living in Maine’s largest city is the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that drives our friends and neighbors to tread their own paths as makers, artists, and businesspeople. The Resurgam collection celebrates this do or die, go hard or go home attitude with durable goods made right here in greater Portland, in collaboration with some of the creators that currently define this city constantly in the process of reinventing itself.