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Roustabout is hearty, Italian-inspired fare in a maritime/industrial atmosphere. The brand is a fresh take on the seafaring theme, playfully incorporating a variety of nautical cues—vivid sea blue menus reminiscent of airmail envelopes; dazzle-ship inspired stripe patterns hand painted on whitewashed brick; a sign hand-crafted from a portion of a reclaimed shipping container; and signal flag ( "man overboard!" ) cocktail napkins—in an urban setting full of dark metals, light woods, industrial hardware, and larger-than-life wheatpaste imagery that recalls the hard working rough-and-tumble personalities that inspired the name "Roustabout." 

Silver Award: Ad Club of Maine Broderson Awards 2017, Corporate or Brand Identity





  1. Brand Identity Design
  2. Signage
  3. Menu System
  4. Collateral Design
  5. Website Design & Development



  1. Nelson Metal Fabrication
  2. Wolfe Editions
  3. Leah Fisher Photography


Photography: Leah Fisher