In the city that Bon Appétit named 'Foodiest Small Town' and that the New York Times deemed 'one of the best places to eat,' we specialize in restaurant design.

[I guess that makes us some kind of expert]

industry expertise

Need the best menus that money can buy? Need the most affordable coasters to supply 800 pours a night? We've established contacts in everything from custom tanned leather and hand-thrown ceramics to vinyl signage and pulpboard by the truckload. We've got solutions. 

attention to detail

From sourcing custom paper to crafting unique typographic treatments, we sweat the small stuff. And we make it easy for you and your staff to keep it consistent night after night. If it deserves consideration, we've considered it.  

comprehensive coverage

Restaurants don't just live in glossy magazine ads anymore. They need a life of their own in signage, events, social media, and mobile-conscious web development. You get the food on the plate. We'll put your place on the map. 

timeless design

At the end of the day, we're classically trained designers who have a penchant for strong typography with a boutique, artisanal polish. When you want a brand that feels like home, and an identity that looks like you, we'd be a great place to start looking. 

Email Sean or give us a call to talk about our process. We'd love to hear from you.  |  207.370.7298