Brand Redesign

Maine Public

Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) is Maine’s only multichannel source for non-commercial media. MPBN is in the process of evolving its programming and extending its digital and on-demand offerings to create new ways of connecting Maine to the world and the world to Maine. A new strategic direction and an outdated logo sparked the network to undertake a comprehensive rebranding effort. Beginning with in-depth stakeholder, audience, and market research and collaborative consultation with industry experts, we worked closely with MPBN to develop a new name (Maine Public), define a brand hierarchy that considers a huge variety of programs and sub-brands, design a new visual identity system, and create comprehensive brand standards for everything from building signage to the perennial tote bag. The fresh identity speaks to Maine Public as a contemporary provider of Maine's most in-depth news coverage, rare access to arts and culture, and quality programming from the best national and international public broadcasters.



Maine Public (formerly Maine Public Broadcasting Network / MPBN)



  1. Brand Strategy & Naming
  2. Brand Identity Redesign
  3. Collateral Design
  4. Development Campaign Design



Jamra Patel