Theme Songs

On a recent company trip to a Portland Sea Dogs game, one thing won us over—the player introductions. As every Seadog came to bat, a specific song came on to hype that player up. Immediately we started talking about how great it would be to implement that at the office—a song for each of us, every time we stepped up to the plate at Might & Main. And so, after much deliberation and some significant trial and error, we've landed on our ideal Might & Main theme songs.




Notorious BIG, "Hypnotize"

Inspired by an actual Seadog player's intro, we knew immediately that this was a great song for Sean. For one, the intro is just perfect: Imagine Sean rolling into a new business meeting with his own hype man playing this on a boom box—instant contract, no? Second, both Biggy and Sean are shot callers, ballers, and notorious in their own right. Throw in Sean's not-so-secret-yet-not-full-embrace of rap, and you've got yourself a winner. And don't let his modesty fool you, I bet he does love it when you call him Big Poppa. 





ABBA, "Take A Chance On Me"

If anyone knows Graeme, you know he talks a big game about tough stuff—brass knuckles, knives for his daughters, and the like—but just under the surface, he's really just an ex-musical theater cuddle bug (his words). The possible songs for Graeme were readily available, ranging from Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" to Wilson Phillips' "Hold On". Though clearly influential for Graeme, these songs didn't really do the trick. But throw ABBA's "Take A Chance On Me" on, and (slightly awkwardly) you're invited into the inner workings of a family dance party at the Chamberlain Kennedy household. It's the song that inspired this quote, so it was a no-brainer.




Mariah Carey, "Heartbreaker"

Morgan's theme song came pretty easy. For starters, Morgan's basketball badass past made for a lot of possibilities: namely actual warmup songs . Morgan has warmed up to the best of 'em—Pump Up The Jam, Quad City DJ's, you name it. But Jock Jams didn't fit as well with 2013 Morgan as it might have, say, when she was 13 and draining 3's. Morgan's song needed to be anthemic , impactful, and danceable—just like Morgan. Suddenly, the intro to Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" came to mind and we knew it was a perfect fit. As a song, it really sets the mood for a great day, infusing the listener with "I can do this!" spirit. Our inklings were proven correct when, as we played the song on a whim, Morgan blurted out, "Oh my god! I LOVE this song!". Game. Set. Match. 




A*Teens, "Upside Down"

Coupled with Arielle's, we figured this would be the hardest song to peg down. I mean, Sarah is a good 10 years younger than the rest of us. We didn't have a clue what she might have been listening to when she was 15 (which was only in 2007 btw). Turns out, Sarah was a hip hop dancer when she was a kid, and danced to things like Poison when she was younger (not too dissimilar from Arielle, we imagine). That fact alone was sent us in the right direction. More importantly, she told us about a pop star she molded herself after when she was a freshman in high school, which led us to this song: "Upside Down" by A*Teens. Now, we don't know anything about this song—we never even knew this band existed. But the fact that it is clearly a song only a pre-teen could love, and that it is perfectly juxtaposed to Sarah's scene these days, make it a obvious choice. 





Sublime, "What I Got"

Well this was a doozy. We often joke that Arielle is the hardest to predict. Everything you know about her makes you think she'll zig and then she goes ahead and zags. In fact, that unpredictability has kind of become the most predictable thing about her—so much so that we're presuming she'd actually like a song that is generally in her purview. We began sampling songs in Arielle's college heyday, things we know she likes, like Pixies, Nirvana, and Weezer. But we needed something a little more commercial—you know, something that would be used in a snowboarding video or intro to ESPN's X games or something. Spot on bands like Live or Everclear had perfectly good choruses, but the songs themselves took a little while to get to the good stuff. We didn't want any slow burns here. Then we found it, clear as day. Sublime's "What I Got" is the perfect song for Arielle. For one, it's a contemporary of songs and bands she actually likes. Two, it's got that classic Lollapalooza 90's rock/rap/alternative thing going for it. It's 90's to the core. Most importantly, though, it's cheery in a way we don't expect from Arielle, but we can all picture her on a road trip, sun setting over a summer's eve, one hand hanging out the window, loving this song. Maybe she'll admit to it, maybe she won't. Either way, it's so Arielle.