PretiFlaherty Trade Show Booth

PretiFlaherty approached us at the end of last year to revamp some pieces of their trade show presence. The biggest piece of this work was a new table-top backdrop. In the past, attorneys travelling to trade shows and conferences would drag a heavy set of customizable panels with them—the standard trade show fare: bulky, blocky, and easy to overlook. Preti wanted an updated look that would be eye catching and easier to transport.


Rather than customizing the panels for each trade show, we designed a customized brochure and let a Nimlok Wave TT5 act as an eye-catching backdrop. No matter what the nature of the conference or show, Preti will have a consistent branded presence. The overall piece, when sitting on a table, is almost 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Its dramatic concave shape makes a striking first impression and gives a great sense of enclosed space without a lot of bulky material. The Wave TT5 is a light frame with custom-printed fabric stretched around it, and it packs easily into a travel case.   

For multi-faceted brands, especially very large companies such as PretiFlaherty, flexibility is important. Maintaining consistent brand identity while saving time and money is a service at which we're proud to excel.