Got Milk

Sometimes, when none of us can decide where to go for lunch we ultimately make a decision based on where we can get our hands on a delicious chocolate chip cookie. We all have our favorite — Graeme is a huge advocate for the mass-produced Hannaford brand, Arielle likes the chewy goodness of Crooked Mile, and I'm a fan of the undercooked varieties. So the question was asked: who's got the best chocolate chip cookie near our office? In the spirit of competition we hosted an 8-cookie bracket with pre-lim rankings, 3 rounds, single elimination, 7 judges. 

Going into it we had our favorites—Crooked Mile and Hannaford took care of business in the first round. Low seed Big Sky Bread was disqualified on the basis of oatmeal, and although we appreciate Bam Bam Bakery being gluten-free, we missed the chewy, moist texture of a gluten-filled cookie. Two Fat Cats was described as airy and cakey with great chip quality and Mainely Wraps gave Standard Baking Co. a scare in the first round with their very dense, large-and-in-charge sample size. Going deeper into the brackets saw new kid on the block, Foley's Gourmet Bakery upsetting Crooked Mile in the semis based on their homemade-tasting cookie dough, good chip ratio, and exceptional chewy to crunchy balance.

It all came down to the championship where Foley's went up against Old Port powerhouse, Standard Baking Co. It came down to the wire (almost ending in a tie) with Standard Baking winning by a hair! Judges' comment include: "delicious," "just like my mom makes' em!" and "that is one badass cookie."

The competition is over, but I'm sure the debate will live on. So everyone should raise a glass (of milk) and cheers to delicious chocolate chip cookies everywhere... if you make 'em, we'll eat 'em. 

Stay tuned for our next food debate: the Italian.

***It has also been brought to our attention that National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is May 15th... our address is 408 Fore Street Suite 3A...