Portland, Maine Bike Map

New maps on the street! Might & Main teamed up with Christian MilNeil of The Vigorous North to create the very first Portland, Maine bicycle map. Christian did a great job compiling all of the information and creating the maps, including comprehensive rider safety, bike-friendly transit services, and repair shops. Might & Main designed the cover and offered guidance on typography and the rest of the layout. It was a great collaboration, and we look forward to more in the future. 


Not only is this a useful and long-awaited guide to biking in Portland, it gives back to the community. Ten percent of the proceeds will benefit Portland Trails and the Bike Coalition of Maine. 

The maps are just $6, and you can find them already at Longfellow Books and Gorham Bike & Ski, with a planned distribution at many more local booksellers and bike shops. 

Read more about the project at The Vigorous North blog.