Crafting OneMaine's Identity

Might & Main was approached by Eliot Cutler and his team to develop a new identity for OneMaine, a political organization designed to blur the lines and encourage cooperation between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in the state of Maine. We were excited to do some work in the political realm with the goal of creating a unified team of like-minded people less concerned with partisanship. 


The state silhouette became an important feature of the identity, as it's instantly recognizable and inspires a sense of place and pride for Mainers. We partnered that with a strong, clean sans serif to make a bold type lockup that would be memorable and impactful as a lapel pin, web graphic, or bumper sticker (and for the purpose, we can't imagine a cleaner, stronger typeface than the classic Futura).

Our palette is clean and cool, with a steely blue that steers away from typical 'Democrat Blue' and 'Republican Red.' Our goal was to create an identity that Mainers would be proud to be a part of and display. Keep an eye out for bumper stickers and pins soon, and stay up to date with what OneMaine is working on by signing up here