We don't take on a lot of personal identities; the budgets for these projects tend to limit the in-depth discovery and strategy work we think is so important to a rich and authentic brand. But when comedian Karen Morgan approached us to help her hone and focus her brand identity, she came with very clear goals and well-defined expectations that let us keep our research and concepting time to a minimum and helped us quickly understand her audience and her tastes and preferences.

Karen Morgan identity and website, before

Karen Morgan identity and website, before

Karen's existing materials were vibrant, colorful, even cartoonish at times, and they helped her stand out from other comedians.  But she is in the process of shifting her business from solo performer to frequently producing and booking shows for other comedians, and she needed a cleaner, more professional look for her promotional materials. She wanted a scalable, flexible brand that would allow her to put her "stamp" on a variety of comedy products in the coming years.  Because she loved the icon images used on her old website and has always liked retro themes, we decided to play off those elements and dress them up by placing them in the context of a much more sophisticated and modern brand. Our solution is white, clean and minimal.  It is connected to her old identity through updated versions of the existing icon graphics and the continued use of the graceful (and free!) font Honey Script Light by Dieter Steffman, and is updated through lots of white space, a simplified color palette, and one of my favorite versatile sans faces, Agenda Light, for the primary logotype.  Karen now has a professional look that retains a hint of the fun and charm she loved about her old materials but can carry her forward into her new business ventures.


AuthorArielle Walrath