HoneyMaker Web Design

We've had the pleasure of working with Maine Mead Works as HoneyMaker Mead continues to grow beyond its Portland roots. As HoneyMaker's presence has grown across New England, Maine Mead Works needed an update to it's Maine-centric online presence.


The new HoneyMaker Mead website focuses visitors on the high quality, local ingredients used in each batch of mead. Realizing a large segment of the market remains unaware of what mead is, we spent a considerable amount of time developing a way to illustrate to visitors just what mead is and then, through explanation of each flavor, which flavors they might enjoy most. 

With HoneyMaker's growth bringing it across state lines, we integrated a Google Maps-based feature allowing visitors to find their nearest HoneyMaker retailer.

With the foundation complete, we continued to look at other places online where customers might engage with the brand.  An update to the newsletter was necessary to match the look of the site.  We were able to carry the sophisticated look and feel from the website into an HTML newsletter template that enables HoneyMaker staff to distribute campaigns with ease without worrying about how the end product will look.  Our newsletter system allows for robust templates that make content creation easy while maintaining a high quality look.


Facebook was next up on the list and it's a truly great way for brands to engage their audience where they are spending the bulk of their time online. We developed a custom Facebook welcome tab to help new visitors understand what the brand is—it's a much friendlier introduction to HoneyMaker than the traditional Facebook wall users are accustomed to seeing!

We're excited to see HoneyMaker starting 2012 off with such a great foundation for its online marketing efforts and we can't wait to help them grow even more!