Might & Main Celebrates an Historic Moment with GayMarry.me

Late Tuesday night, Maine became the first state in the nation to recognize same-sex marriage through popular vote. A majority vote recognizing the right of all citizens to marry regardless of gender and sexual orientation was momentous, especially coming as it did after years of gains and setbacks for equality in Maine.

Might & Main, while generally a-political, wholeheartedly supports marriage equality, and we have many friends who not only worked hard during the campaign, but are personally affected by the outcome. There was an immediate outpouring of celebration and support in our immediate circles, including enthusiasm expressed by friends who are attorneys and notary publics—both are authorized to perform marriages in Maine—to advertise their services to same-sex couples who wish to marry. I turned to the rest of the team and said, "we could actually do this." Ten minutes later, we'd dropped everything, registered a domain name, and started laying out the design of the page.

After a whirlwind of concurrent design and development, we launched a new site, GayMarry.me, to the same group of friends who'd been expressing interest and excitement online less than 30 hours prior.  

We're proud and excited to be able to lend our creative services and energy to a cause that we support. We see GayMarry.me as a celebration of equality and a proud commemoration of Maine taking a leading stance in the ongoing national debate. We hope it is also a place where those who are legally authorized by the state to perform marriage ceremonies may publicly express their support for marriage equality in the wake of Maine's historic vote.

GayMarry.ME, a website designed by branding and design firm Might & Main, celebrating Maine's legalization of same-sex marriage. 

GayMarry.ME, a website designed by branding and design firm Might & Main, celebrating Maine's legalization of same-sex marriage. 

Here is the text of the email we sent to friends inviting them to join the site. If you are a notary, attorney, judge, justice, minister, cleric or preacher in the state of Maine, and you would like to voice your support for marriage equality, we extend this invitation to you.


This past Tuesday, we were among the thousands of Mainers who rejoiced the legalization of same-sex marriage. It was truly a historical moment, becoming the first state to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote.

On Wednesday morning, we noticed many of our friends who were lawyers, ministers, and even notary publics, expressing a desire to put their name out there as someone who would marry any same-sex couples who wanted to embrace the rights of this new law. Suddenly, we had an idea—a website where authorized officiants could create profiles and list themselves as willing and able to solemnize the marriage of anyone wishing to marry in Maine.

And so tonight, we invite you to be some of the first people to sign up on this website, GayMarry.ME. It is very simple—just go to the site and scroll to the bottom, click “Add Me To The List” and you will be prompted to connect via your Facebook profile. Once verified you can choose what information you provide and how it is presented in your listing. Regardless of how much or little you choose to share, please do be sure to select how you are legally able to perform marriages in Maine (either through your church, your title, etc.). Once complete, your profile will be live on GayMarry.ME for same-sex couples, and heterosexual couples who want progressive officiants, to search and connect with.

Lastly, please share with your friends, family, and others who might be interested in signing on to marry Maine’s couples. The more people the better!

We thank you for your participation in this moment in our state's history. It is truly something that should be celebrated.

-the team at Might & Main

Add yourself at GayMarry.me