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Got Milk

When no one can decide where to go for lunch, we ultimately make a decision based on where we can get our hands on a delicious chocolate chip cookie. So the question was asked: who's got the best chocolate chip cookie near our office? In the spirit of competition, we hosted an 8-cookie bracket with pre-lim rankings, 3 rounds, single elimination, 7 judges. 

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And they called it The Oxbowl

On February 2nd, for one night only, Eventide Oyster Co. and Oxbow Brewing Company partnered to create Eventide Bar & Grill. Buffalo wings, ribs, and other Superbowl classics were served, as well as $5 Oxbow drafts and $1 oysters. Three 60 inch plasmas were even installed to watch the game. And they called it the Oxbowl. 

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Theme Songs

On a recent company trip to a Portland Sea Dogs game, one thing won us over—the player introductions. As every Seadog came to bat, a specific song came on to hype that player up. Immediately we started talking about how great it would be to implement that at the office—a song for each of us, every time we stepped up to the plate at Might & Main. And so, after much deliberation and some significant trial and error, we've landed on our ideal Might & Main theme songs.

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