If you were at SnowBall or another event we sponsored this holiday season, you may have noticed a table bearing a curious vintage-looking trunk emblazoned with the Might & Main insignia. If you stepped closer, you would have spied a pair of eyepieces protruding from the top of the bedecked box, and an intriguing lever would have invited you to "pull". You would have just discovered the Might & Main Traveling Brandsmithery Picture Show, and if you peered inside, you would have been treated to a cascade of images displaying our branding and design skills in action. If you pulled that enticing lever, you would have instantly received a single extra-thick Might & Main business card via a slot in the front of the box.


Our little box came about through lots of [at first] nonsensical musings about our brand and how to immerse viewers in it for a brief moment. We wanted to share our capabilities and provide a takeaway of some sort, and we hoped to avoid anything that a person would have to begrudgingly hold onto, carry home, and eventually dispose of. Powered by an iPad, but with working mechanical parts and a bit of decoupage surface decoration, the result speaks to our technical side, our arty-crafty side, as well as our love of vintage machines and old-fashioned workmanship.

We've loved watching people pull the lever over and over, amused and delighted each time a card emerges from the slot. We can see that the experience is more rewarding and memorable than, say, grabbing an imprinted pen from a pile of corporate knick-knacks. We're happy to have created a substantial, permanent, portable piece of collateral that can grow and change with us with a simple edit of the slideshow that plays inside. (There's also lots of physical space left in the trunk, in case we want to add a few extra bells and whistles for future installations.) But maybe most of all, in a digital age, we love exploring what it means to craft a tangible representation of a brand that people can interact with in an unexpected way, in the physical space.  

If you see our table at a trade show or conference, have a peek inside our traveling trunk and let us know what you think. Meanwhile, we'd love to know—what kinds of real, physical brand experiences have impacted you lately?


AuthorArielle Walrath
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