Home Remedies Brand Design


Home Remedies is a home furnishings store that also offers designer fabrics, custom upholstery and sewing services from a spacious location in an old match factory on Portland's West Commercial Street. Home Remedies' exclusive product lines and custom upholstery services make the retailer a valuable destination for anyone looking to create a unique space in their home. A loyal customer base had already realized this and made the store very successful. But many of these customers were failing to realize the full breadth of products and services available at Home Remedies. And new customers occasionally had trouble finding the store, which is located on a fast-moving road outside of the downtown shopping district.

Home Remedies prior brand had attempted to address these issues by including a number of descriptive terms in its logo and by including colorful banners with texture and imagery related to the services on offer. But the results were not always cohesive and were hard to take in while passing by at 40 miles per hour.


We sought to simplify and clarify things with a short, action-oriented tagline that encompasses everything Home Remedies offers: Furnish, Decorate, Customize, along with accompanying icons. One of the goals for this project was to more explicitly convey the workshop/studio aspect of the store. Another was to create a rich set of visuals that would incorporate unexpected details for moments of discovery.


The logotype is set in a modified Clarendon Bold, with a stencil effect added to imply craft and workmanship. Several versions of the logo allow the brand to be used at various sizes and on various materials, from notepads to fabric labels to shopping bags and hang tags.


The nautical-inspired but contemporary palette speaks to Home Remedies' coastal location and keeps the brand feeling relaxed and casual. The brand identity is further extended with a custom HR monogram, which introduces a needle graphic that also appears in a repeating pattern on the back of business cards and other materials.


A sign maker who works in the studio next door to Home Remedies created a six-foot wooden sign for above the front door, and painter Tessa Green O'Brien hand-painted the HR monogram in the entryway. Bright, simple vinyl banners catch the eye of passing drivers and convey the store's simplified tagline.


This project is a great example of the collaborative way that the Might & Main team works. Sean led brand strategy and Morgan, Sarah and I all contributed initial concepts. Sarah's original idea most closely resembles the end product, but we loved Morgan's color palette and typography, especially the stencil effect she chose for the logotype, which conveys that Home Remedies is not just a retailer, but a team of makers and craftspeople. As we refined the brand, we looked to incorporate the best details from all of the early concepts: the palette, the pinked edge, stitching lines, star accents and hand painted signage, all come together to create a rich brand identity that speaks to the many aspects of Home Remedies' business.


And Graeme even braved his fear of heights and scaled a ladder in sub-freezing temperatures to help install the banners!