Interview: "A Word with the Boss"

Our local newspaper, The Portland Press Herald, runs a weekly column called "A Word with the Boss," in which they interview local business leaders. In the October 17 edition, reporter Ed Murphy chats with Arielle about the definition of 'branding' and Might & Main's history, approach and process.


Q: What is Might & Main’s focus?

A: Our focus is branding and design – and all of the design work we do is brand-focused. We love handling brands from start to finish, or we work with companies that have a good brand to help them use it better.

Q: What exactly does brand work involve?

A: Brand-building is building reputation. It’s marketing products and also connecting with people, with community, and with customers and within your own organization. We define brand as being much larger than just the visuals. We do a lot of in-depth research and grand strategy, look at who our customer is and who their customers are, and work on the core characteristics of the brand. We don’t move into anything visual until we define that.

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